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Quotes Seamus is a quality craftsman who is very thorough in the detail work. He has exceeded our expectations on each project he completed for us (2). He is also very creative and able to offer solutions to problems if discovered once work begins. I trust Seamus in my house and most importantly trust that the work he does will be a showcase to our family and friends. Quotes
Mark Tiernan

Quotes Seamus McGee has performed handyman work for us at both of our homes on Bainbridge Island. We live in the one listed above and rent the other one. With respect to both houses, Seamus has completed work that was listed on home inspection reports. His work was always done promptly and to our satisfaction. We have no hesitation in recommending him for handyman work. Quotes
Louis P. Richard
Bainbridge Island

Quotes As Secretary of the Board of the Bainbridge Condos, we rely onl Seamus when we need painting and minor repairs. He is fast, reliable, and the area is always tidy when he leaves. He does excellent work. Besides his good nature and pleasant disposition. Quotes
Donna Moore

Quotes I was delighted to find Seamus who proved to be good, reliable and honest and who takes real pride in his work. He has done 2 major projects plus several small jobs for me and I have been very pleased. I highly recommend him. Quotes
Katie Silvestri
Bainbridge Island

Quotes Seamus has been doing work for me and my family for the past seven years. I continue to go back to him because of his reliability and high-quality work. I very highly recommend him to others. Quotes
Brian Barry
Bainbridge Island

Quotes Seamus has done several projects at our house and we love working with him! He is reliable and prompt, and his prices are reasonable. Most importantly, his work is very high quality. He has done big projects, such as building a tree house for our young daughter, as well as small projects, such as fixing a kitchen cabinet. In all cases, we've been delighted with his work. Seamus ably performs the handyman role at our house. Quotes
Nancy and George Plant
Bainbridge Island

Quotes We have appreciated Seamus McGee's fine Victorian Handyman Services. We have personally used him for numerous projects in our home and our condominium. In all situations, we have found his work to be of excellent quality, efficient and reasonable. Besides all the above, we have found Seamus to be easy and fun to work with on all our projects. We highly recommend him. PS (Tom): As a retired architect, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous contractors. I have found Seamus to be one of the best; he is very knowledgeable, most enjoyable to work with and professional. Quotes
Tom & Helen Bartuska
Bainbridge Island

Quotes Seamus McGee made my project fun and affordable. We were fixing up a home that had ten years of deferred maintenance. Every time we encountered a broken piece of plumbing or woodwork that needed repair or updating, Seamus had an idea that was practical and affordable. He was easy to talk with and I felt he cared as much about our project as we did. It is easy to say that we will look forward to working with him in the future. Quotes
Joanne Ellis
Bainbridge Island